Human Resource Management (Part 9)

  Rising in Ones career We all have come across the word ‘career’ many times. Career is the sequence of occupations which we take up and which bring us salary or reward.  Career includes work, leisure activities, learning and earning.  For example, a teacher has a teaching profession which seeks for teaching aptitude and a typist has to type the various kinds of documents, a typist required to be proficient in typing work and thus it is his career.  Career enables us to earn money for carrying out worldly affairs.                                 Life long process : It is a life-long process as once we decide to choose certain career then we go on working in that particular field which gradually becomes our source of earning money.  It is an ongoing process. Career management is the development of knowledge, skill and attitude through a defined program of learning experience.  There are many factors which plays vital role in determining our career such as age, gender, time, incli

Human Resources Management (Part 8)

  Difference among CV, Resume and Bio-data Curriculum Vitae, Resume, and Bio-data-At the surface level all three words seem to hold the same meaning and denote the same thing. Often these words CV, resume, and Bio-data are interchangeably used but there are certain basic differences between the three. These differences are in terms of Content, Length, and Purpose. One must be aware of these differences to avoid any negative impression on the interviewer.                   Resume: A resume  is a professional document that gives a summary of educational background, work history and skill set of an applicant for a potential employer. Focus is given more on skill-set. A good Resume should be written to the point and precisely. It should be one to two pages long. Resume is often recommended for mid-level and senior level jobs where skill-set is given more importance than the detailed academic qualifications. Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae means ‘course of one’s life’. It provides

New Army Chief Of India

General Manoj Chandrashekhar Pande    Lieutenant General Manoj Chandrashekhar Pande, Param Vishist Seva Medal (PVSM) , Ati Vishist Seva Medal (AVSM) , Vayu Sena Medal (VSM) will now be serving as the Army Chief from 30th April 2022. After the sad demise of our late Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat on 8 December 2021, Manoj Mukund Naravane was appointed as the new Chief of Defence Staff then after three and half months, the post of Army Chief has been heading by Lieutenant General Manoj Chandrashekhar Pande. At present, he is the Vice-Chief of the Army Staff . Earlier, he had served as the General Officer-Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command, having taken over on 1 June 2021. He also commanded as the Commander-in-Chief in Andaman and Nicobar. On 18th April 2022 , the Government announced that he will be serving as the next Army Chief of India from 30th April 2022 onwards. Besides it, he has also become the first officer from the Corps of Engineers to become the Army Chief

Common Resume Blunders

 Common resume blunders What to write and what to avoid while writing one’s resume? It is very important question. It is seen that some irrelevant information is presented while sometimes inadequate information is presented. Such blunders could take away your dream chance of getting that most awaited job. Below, are listed few and very common resume mistakes which often turn a resume weak. The following points are to be considered before preparing resume.Focus on job duties rather than accomplishments: Most common mistake is that job duties and responsibilities drive resume rather than accomplishments. This turns even a potential resume into a dull listing of job duties. To make your resume stand out, you should focus on your accomplishments and how you handled your responsibilities rather than focusing on what was required of you at your previous company. You should focus on the challenges you faced at your previous organization and the efforts you made to overcome those challenges.
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  Taking An Interview Following points to be noted while taking an interview: Ø Suitability of the candidate Ø Comfortable location and atmosphere Ø Mutual Conversation Ø Encouraging the interviewee Ø Discussing skills and knowledge Ø Judging interviewee’s body language While taking an interview you are one who decides what type of candidate is suitable for the job.   For taking an interview a the setting must be chosen where there should be no distractions like separate cabin or conference room.   For the conduct of successful interview, it should be your prime objective to make the atmosphere comfortable for the candidate. In fact, both interviewer and the interviewee must be comfortable with each other and only then both will be able to do their tasks.   First of all the interviewer must introduce himself to the interviewee and then ask for candidate’s general introduction.   Gradually, he should arrive at other aspects of the interview such as the candidate’s


      Dealing With Difficult Employees   Dealing with difficult employees is a difficult task.  None wants to work with such types of people.       Easy to recognize : It is not hard to recognize difficult employees.  They are generally impolite, misleading, and unreliable, create nuisance at the workplace, do not do their work on time, and have excuses for everything.   Early intervention : It is important to intervene as early as possible.  When left unnoticed or untouched, this problem will only increase.   Sometimes it is seen that management neglects the difficult employees keeping in view their value and proficiency in their works hoping that these employees will somehow stop being troublesome.  But it is quite necessary to deal with such employee and make him or her realize that he is going through the wrong track which may prove hazardous to the organization as well as to him.   The manager must make a decision :  Due to many reasons, other employees would b